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There are some nice things at Custom Writings, but given the quality of work, we don’t recommend it.

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The results of our research

CustomWritings is one of the oldest academic writing services still operating today: it was launched in 2008, which makes it 11 years old in 2019. Over the years, the reviews of the service have been mixed with some customers praising the work ethic and range of services offered by the company while others complained about order quality and prices.

The home page of CustomWritings com is rather informative and contains nearly everything you need to know about a writing service before deciding to place an order. There is a brief description of the services and features offered by Custom Writings, examples of completed papers, some writing samples, an invitation to make a free inquiry, and a FAQ section.

Although the selection of services offered by Custom Writing may seem impressive to those who are new to the academic writing industry, we found it to be somewhat limited. We would love to see services like CV or speech writing, since the life of many of the people using academic writing services is not limited by their studies.

Pricing and

The Custom Writings service employs a flexible pricing model, where the price of each order is calculated individually based on four factors: the type of paper, the word count, academic level, and urgency. For example, a 1-page high school essay with a 14-day deadline will cost you $10, while a PhD student will pay $49 per page with a 24-hour deadline. Overall, those are definitely not the cheapest prices we’ve seen in writing services and you can easily find lower prices if you look elsewhere.

There are four additional services offered by CustomWritings:

Writer choice

By default, your order will be assigned to the best available writer. For an additional payment, you can choose an advanced writer or an English Native Language writer.

Writing samples

When placing your order, you can request writing samples from up to three writers to decide whose writing style fits your own writing technique the most.

Complex assignments

Assignments in some subjects like Engineering, Chemistry, and Statistics, are viewed as complex assignments and you will be charged a 20% more for them.

Progressive delivery

Large orders can be delivered chapter by chapter, so you can pay in parts, review the quality of each part, and ask the writer for revisions if necessary.

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Quality of work execution

With higher than the industry average prices, you would expect the writing in the papers done by Custom Writings to be nearly flawless. Sadly, that is not always the case. Both in the paper we ordered and in the writing samples on their website, we spotted some grammar mistakes, a poor choice of words, and questionable formatting. Our experience also matches the experiences of many customers who complained about similar things online.

Moreover, one of the writing samples on their website largely resembles another essay done by a different writer, and it is hard to tell for sure which came first. That is why we are also concerned about potential plagiarism. When you submit your paper to the professor, it will be likely checked for plagiarism by advanced software, and you don’t want to discover your paper is fully or partially plagiarized after you already submitted it.



Like most other writing services aiming to make their customers feel confident, CustomWritings offers every customer the following guarantees:

  • Authenticity. The service is convinced its writers would never copy other papers, but they still run every assignment through a plagiarism checker.
  • Money back guarantee. If you haven’t received your order or decided to cancel it shortly after placing, you can get a 100% refund.
  • Revision policy. If you don’t like the paper after receiving it, you can request free revisions as many times as needed.
  • 24/7 customer support. You can contact the customer support team any time you need assistance.

Payment options

Academic writing services go to great lengths to ensure the comfort of their customers and the safety of the payments. So how convenient and safe are the payments at CustomWritings? We have to say that the payment options at the service are somewhat lacking. Custom Writings accepts payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

We were very surprised that Custom Writings does not accept PayPal payments. The lack of PayPal payment options definitely seems suspicious to us, as the most trustworthy writing services adopted this payment method years ago. Paying through PayPal helps you feel more secure and ensures that your financial and personal data stays intact. Still, if you are not too concerned about privacy or other benefits of using PayPal, you may feel perfectly comfortable with the limited payment options offered by the Custom Writings service.


One of the first things you notice at the CustomWritings website is how many positive testimonials they have. There are dozens of favorable Custom Writing reviews on their website supposedly from existing customers raving about the service, its features, prices, and superior quality of writing. According to those reviews, the service delivers fantastic papers, has outstanding customer support, and is overall a great writing service for any academic level.

However, if you search for testimonials on third party review services, you will discover that not 100% of CustomWritings customers are happy with the work they received. The most common complaint is the quality of writing and the plagiarized fragments that mess up the results of your plagiarism checks, but customers also find prices to be too high and the additional options to take up even more of their budget. Judging by the reviews, we would say that only about 50% of Custom Writings customers are absolutely happy with their experience, which is clearly not the highest score.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Range of services

CustomWritings can cover most of your academic needs.

24/7 customer support

Having someone you can talk to at any time is rather reassuring.

Writing samples

You can decide whether the writing style of the authors at Custom Writings match your own style.

Expensive rates

The prices offered by the service are higher than the average rates in the market.

Subpar quality

Not every paper delivered by the service has the same high quality of writing.

Additional services

The more you want your assignment to be good, the more you need to be prepared to spend.

Money back guarantee

Unless you haven’t received your order at all, getting a refund can prove to be challenging.


Not every writer employed by Custom Writings is a native English speaker and you have to pay extra for a native speaker to write your paper.


What is is a paper writing service that works with different kinds of written assignments. offers assistance with papers for all academic levels.
Is legit?
The question of whether is legit can really go either way depending on the writer who will work on your order. There are writers who do their job well, but we also came across a few writers whose work is very subpar.
How much does cost?
The prices at are just about average. For a high school essay with a 14-day turnaround, you will need to pay $10 per page, while a PhD essay with a 4-hour deadline will cost you a whopping $72 per page.
Is reliable? promises to deliver your paper right on time, and it’s true in many cases. However, there are also situations where the paper by is a few hours late or is missing some crucial parts.
Is a scam?
There are some questionable things about, including the clearly fake identities of their writers and other employees featured on the homepage, but other than that, does not appear to be a scam.
Is safe?
Yes, appears to be a relatively safe site for the customers. It uses advanced security mechanisms to protect the user data and constantly checks the site for potential vulnerabilities.
Is plagiarism-free? claims to write every paper from scratch to prevent any cases of plagiarism. The site also runs every paper through a plagiarism checker to deliver original writing to its customers.
Are there discounts?
There are no regular discounts on either for new or existing customers. However, you can sometimes catch different promotions on the company’s social media website or have 1 page of your essay written for free if you’re ordering for the first time.


The biggest reason why we would not suggest CustomWriting for your academic writing needs is that the quality of the papers does not always meet the prices offered by the service. We did like the convenient order placing process, the variety of services, and the modern website design, but those few features are not enough to convince us that Custom Writings is a top service. If you are looking for quality writing, we suggest going elsewhere.

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